by Eluktrick

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Make/Believe is the second single from Eluktrick's forthcoming second album Hieroglyphic Apostrophes.

It is no accident we are releasing this song for FREE on November 7th, 2016. Here's looking at you Uncle Sam :)

We don't write songs about politics or politicians, they write themselves.

If you came for a protest song or you want to decode the lyrics' message you'll have to look left, right and center.

Whatever you do though, Oh America, vote your conscience tomorrow.


P.S. If you like what you hear... go here: www.indiegogo/at/eluktrickvr to pre-order Hieroglyphic Apostrophes on CD & Vinyl.


Say what you say, what you wanted to say
Don’t let me get in your way with that heart on your sleeve
So slick with words skipping, mouth slipping, shape shifting
All that image you breath, tell me what do you believe

You said the same thing about an hour ago
It’s just part of the show, you’re just playing Make Believe
You said the same thing just like an hour ago
It’s time to change your show, to something that we can believe

Say what you say as you’re fading away
As your grass turns to hay and you’re down on your knees
Broken hearts pumping, feet jumping, donors dumping
Cos you got in your own way and had nothing left to say

So stay, stay away now is all you can say
Can’t turn your dirt into clay, cos you had it your own way and
Your family starts a-wonderin', questions tumbling, cauldron’s bubbling
Hold your feet to the fire, you just mumble that you’re tired

You had another drink a whiskey sour and so
See how you let yourself go, and forgot what you believe
And I said the same thing a hundred hours ago
You could have changed it all you know
Instead you stayed in Make Believe
But the phone it starts ringing and you can’t let it go
You start to answer it slow, all this pain you will receive
Have another drink a vodka tonic to go
See how you let yourself go - Just tell me what do you believe

You even see through yourself
As you’re amassing your wealth
They have a right to know--o-o-o
Thought you’d do it in stealth
While you still have your health
Past that shadow of doubt

If you were true to yourself
You’d have rights to your wealth
Shut down your own show-o-o-o-
I guarantee you’ll receive
More than you can perceive
In your land of Make Believe!

I said the same thing at the start of the show
You could've saved yourself you know but you stayed in Make Believe
So have another drink a whiskey sour and so
Watch how you let yourself go, and forget what you believe
And the phone it keeps ringing and you can’t let it go
So you answer it slow “I never wanted to deceive”
You said the same thing a hundred hours ago
Your broken record is slow and now you’re stuck in Make Believe


released November 7, 2016
Rav- drumz
Baton- baz
Malina- gitz
Thymn- vocalz & keyz
Dave 'Smoota' Smith- trombonez

Music Co-written by: Kamil Cirocki & Marek Kamiński

The Simple Twist was originally tracked in Wolimierz, Poland at Sugar Candy Mountain Studios. All engineering & mixing by Janek Busse:

All Final Mixing, Production and Mastering done in Kraków, Poland at Studio Centrum by Rafał Szumny:

Single artwork based on an original painting by Katarzyna Adamek-Chase:



all rights reserved


Eluktrick Małopolskie, Poland

ELUKTRICK is a band about ideas, emotions, experiments and experiences forged by the fires of fate. ELUKTRICK is indeed a trick of luck; they formed in 2006 after a chance meeting of an aspiring American songwriter and a perspiring Polish guitar wizard in the crowded shadows of a cafe in Krakow, Poland. ELUKTRICK will release their second album Hieroglyphic Apostrophes in Fall/Winter of 2015. l ... more

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